Concorde brings you a revolution in sound.

This recording was produced using once state of the art equipment to create a level of sonic fidelity never heard before: a phenomenon we call SUPERSONIC STEREO SOUND.

By utilising our old but trendy Bang and Olufsen record deck, the awesome processing power of the Concorde Studios and four Rolls-Royce Olympus 593 jet engines on full reheat, Concorde have been able to mix this record at more than mach 2, somewhere in the skies off the coast of Bahrain, to unsurpassed levels of high-fidelity sound.

All this can be heard with any good quality diamond record stylus or maybe some strange kind of futuristic small silver disc. Using lasers probably. Who knows, perhaps one day it might be possible to "download" electronic music from some sort of international computer network and store it on a microchip. Probably about the time we get those flat TVs scientists have been promising us.

All Concorde tracks were recorded and mixed at Concorde Studios, London

©2005 Concorde

All tracks written by Concorde

Produced by The Commander

Cruising speed: Mach 2, approx 23 miles a minute

Chief Test Pilot: Brian Trubshaw

Up on the flight deck there is a very experienced captain, co-pilot and flight engineer. We will be arriving in New York about half an hour before we left London. The captain and crew present their compliments and wish you a very happy journey.